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Review our policies

In order to improve our market share and enhance our brand, we do review our norms, value and process from time to time to fit with our contingency and to enhance our financial and operational performances that finally benefit our stakeholders. Our organization is always prepared to develop and implement accelerated market share and develop fitted security plans for our clients.

HRM Strategies

Recruitment and Selection

The recruitment and selection decision is to obtain the best possible person to the best fitted job who is able to contribute significantly towards the company's effectiveness. Our principle stated clearly to non-discriminatory on the applicant's nationality, race, colour, marital status, parental status, pregnancy, sex, age and religion, etc. Our policy stipulates fair and consistent; conform to statutory regulations and agreed best practice.
Training and Development

Training and educational opportunities enhance career development and are often used to increase productivity, raise job satisfaction, decrease absenteeism and stable turnover rate. Our associate company offers the mandatory QAS courses and many other refresher courses in a comfortable environment with complete evaluation and analysis system which can identify our training and development needs.
Reward and Appraisal

In order to stimulate employees' motivations, Underwriter Security Limited has developed a STAR program to honour their good work with encouragement and appreciation towards our employees' contributions.
Giving fair and meaningful performance feedback is one of the most important tools for developing and motivating employees. Using the performance appraisal cycle to develop employees and monitor their performance is one of the most effective tools. It is actually a cycle of events that when done well benefits all: the clients, the employees and the organization.

Employee Relations

Employee Care Department involves the body of work concerned with the communication between the employees and the company. This department is to create a positive, productive workplace where conflict is addressed constructively, at the lowest level and earliest opportunity, allowing employees to focus on service excellence.